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I started a LLC – Now What?

Limited Liability Corporations, or “LLC’s” have become a top business choice for entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and small business owners. They are simple to set up and relatively straightforward to run. Ohio has seen a great increase in businesses being set up in recent years, particularly LLCs. As of March 17th, over 31,000 new businesses were created in 2022 thus far (see this article from the Ohio Secretary of State). Our office regularly assists those interested in setting up an LLC of their own. Other than the obvious use of using an LLC to run a business, LLC’s are also...

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A Common Pitfall in LLCs: Do You Pay Yourself Correctly?

Starting a limited liability corporation (LLC) is a fairly simple way to incorporate a business that is separate from personal affairs, adding legitimacy to many self-started businesses. It is simple, easy, and inexpensive to do. Unfortunately, however, with any “easy” legal process, it can sometimes be over-simplified and operated in a way that opens the door to liability for the proprietor or entrepreneur running the business.   One of the most common reasons to start an LLC, rather than just running your business under your personal name, is to remove some of your personal liability. If someone has an issue with something...

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