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An oil and gas lease may terminate for several reasons. The most common of which is the lack of production of oil, gas, or other minerals on the leased land. Your oil and gas lease may contain specific language as to whether or not exact terms have been complied with, which may result in immediate termination.

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An invalid description of the lands included within the lease may also result in lease termination. An invalid legal description could prevent a landowner from leasing other lands not intended to be included in the lease.


Not every breach of an oil and gas lease will result in the termination of the lease. However, you are entitled to actual damages resulting from the breach. Skilled attorneys are versed in determining whether the breach was a “covenant” or a “condition” of the lease.

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Lease termination can result in many favorable outcomes for the owners of the minerals. It may be the opportunity to re-lease your land to a company that intends to drill new wells, which can result in favorable bonus payments and royalty amounts.

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