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Given the sums of money involved, it is not surprising when disputes arise over oil and gas royalties. A single decimal point in a division order can make a significant difference in the number of royalties owed by the producer to the beneficiaries of the lease. Disputes can arise between the mineral rights owner and the operator or between multiple beneficiaries of a lease (pooled units). Royalty disputes often involve complicated issues of fact and law, so you should seek advice from a knowledgeable attorney.

Protecting What Is Rightfully Yours

Our team of attorneys has extensive experience in oil and gas royalty disputes. We relentlessly represent landowners in all types of royalty disputes, including:


  • Discrepancies between a division order and lease provisions
  • Disputes between lease beneficiaries and producing companies
  • Nonpayment or delayed payment of royalties
  • Defective division order title opinions
  • Disputes over the market value of oil or gas
  • Other oil and gas royalty disputes

Guidance When You Need It Most

In addition to representing clients in litigation, we provide advisory services concerning leases, division orders, and other oil and gas matters.

We Can Help

We have over 50 years of combined experience dealing with Oil & Gas. Dealing with these matters can seem complicated and confusing. We are here to walk alongside you and make the process easier.


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