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There is a lot of information and considerations when leasing your oil, gas, and other minerals, which include royalty, bonus monies, and the actual lease terms dictating how an oil and gas company can treat your land while producing the gas beneath it. During the negotiation of a lease for your oil or gas rights, an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer is your best advocate.

Experience You Can Trust

You have the dominant negotiating power before you sign an oil and gas lease. We have the experience, knowledge, and background to use this power to protect your rights, preserve your land, and get you the best compensation possible, both now and in the future. The leases we secure for landowners withstand scrutiny and protect landowners’ rights.

Guidance When You Need It Most

For new leases, we assist owners in securing higher upfront bonuses and royalty percentages. For owners with aged leases, our oil and gas attorneys can help negotiate amended leases that ensure producers fully develop all resources and that owners receive the maximum value from the new or amended leases. Our oil and gas lawyers can also successfully negotiate lease terms to protect surface rights, ensure water supplies are not interrupted, and specify the placement of wells, roads, and equipment.

We Can Help

We have over 50 years of combined experience dealing with Oil & Gas. Dealing with these matters can seem complicated and confusing. We are here to walk alongside you and make the process easier.

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