EQUES® General Counsel

A dedicated partner on your business journey.


Let EQUES® build a custom General Counsel Plan for your business.

EQUES® has solutions from just being on call for your legal needs, to hiring and placing an EQUES® team member in your business part or full-time.

Tailoring a Solution that Meets Your Needs

Your business will constantly evolve, and you need a general counsel who can grow and adapt with you.

We have pre-designed sample packages for what a growing and evolving business could need.

Explore our customizable packages below then Contact Us to design a tailored fit for your unique needs. 

Start-up Essentials

Young & Growing Businesses
$ 500 Monthly
  • Entity Filings*
  • Meeting Templates
  • Contract Templates
  • 1 Hour/Month Labor & Business Counsel
  • Labor Law & Regulation Updates

Growth and Expansion

Established Businesses
$ 1000 Monthly
  • All Tier 1 Services Plus
  • Four 1-Hour Quarterly Meetings
  • 1 Add'l Hour/Month Legal Counsel
  • 1 Lien Filing/Month*
  • Complimentary Ticket to GAP Con**

Established Enterprise

Evolving Businesses
$ 2000 Monthly
  • All Tier 2 Services Plus
  • One 4-Hour Annual Business Strategy Meeting
  • 2 Add'l Hours/Month Legal Counsel
  • 1 Annual Litigation Strategy Meeting

All services provided beyond those agreed upon in your unique package shall be charged at the attorney’s hourly per the terms of the agreement for that specific matter.

On-Demand Counsel

Businesses in Need of Customized Solutions
Contact for a Quote
  • All or a Selection of Tiers 1-3
  • Resource Your Entire Leadership Team
  • Placement of an Attorney "In-House"
  • More Customizable Options
Need More?

Our general counsel services are designed to be as dynamic as your business, ensuring you have the legal support you need at every stage of your journey. Contact us today to create a package that’s perfect for you.

Who Needs General Counsel

Young Businesses

Proactively addressing legal issues prevents larger problems. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Growing Businesses

Because managing growth, employer/employee duties, mulitiple locations, diverse outside relationships, and your vision for what is next takes a team that understands the end goals.

Established Businesses

We all know questions don’t exist only from 8-5 and that they have multiple complex facets and impacts on your business, both now and in the future. You need a team that can adapt and overcome those issues with you.

Evolving Businesses

Whether you’re selling, merging, creating an employee co-op, handing it to the next generation, or just hanging it up, the process of evolving your business for what is “next” is a journey of years, not months. Having a team with you on that journey gives each evolution of your business the best chance of success.

The EQUES® General Counsel Team

With over 175 years of legal experience, 8 locations serving over half of Ohio, 14 attorneys, 11 focused practice areas, and over 50 sub-categories of practices, EQUES® has a broad base of experience and pool of professionals that allows us to serve and protect your business.

Robert Barga
Robert M. Barga, Partner

Robert is the business planner and strategist of the EQUES® General Counsel Group. His goal is to take your business vision and turn it into a reality.

Contact Robert to get started today.

Attorney Moriah Hinton
Moriah E. Hinton, Associate

Moriah’s primary focus in on our business client’s structure, contracts, operations, exiting planning, and overall ongoing success.

Thom D White
Thomas D. White, Sr. Partner

Thom bringing decades of experience litigating complex and nuanced issues from trial, to appeal, to arguing before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Why Have Outside General Counsel


EQUES® General Counsel
In-House General Counsel

EQUES® takes care of ethics, licensing, malpractice insurance, errors & omissions bonding, equipment, software, office space, mileage, etc.


The business has to cover all overhead costs with having an attorney as an employee.


EQUES® takes care of all compensation, reimbursement, incentives, and benefits for each team members.


The business has to cover all compensation, incentives, and benefits for an attorney employee.

Continuing Education

EQUES® ensures that continuing legal education is maintained according to State Supreme Court and State Bar Association standards, as well as sourcing and sending attorneys to specialized training.


The business has the responsibility to pay for, maintain, source, and send the attorney for continuing legal education.

Scope of Practice

EQUES® is a growing multi-discipline, multi-location legal services provider with a broad base of practice areas, practitioners, and locations. Retaining EQUES® gives you access to all of our resources and team members.


Hiring a single in-house counsel attorney limits you to their knowledge base and skills, leaving you to having to retain outside counsel for anything they do not cover.


Retaining EQUES® gives you access to all of our current and future resources and team members.


The business has to hire each additional attorney they want to add to their team or vet and recruit additional outside counsel that can meet their needs.

Strategic Partner

EQUES® General Counsel is your business’ strategic partner and owes a duty to ethically represent its clients and deliver both the good and bad news so that you can make an informed decision.


In-house counsel as an employee can seek to protect its position first before the businesses. 

What Does General Counsel Do?



Risk Management

By being actively involved with your business, EQUES® General Counsel can identify and proactively mitigate risk, as well as immediately address the full scope of risks as they occur.

Tailored Solutions

Your business and industry has unique issues that need specific and creative solutions. EQUES® General Counsel listens to your vision, goals, and needs to craft tailored solutions to protect and advance your business.

Business Strategy & Advice

Turning a vision into a reality takes a team that understands multiple disciplines. Having a legal team that can research and understand the regulatory and legal landscape around your business can prevent problems, identify opportunities, and secure your opportunities for success as you move toward the next. Whether as a board member or one-on-one with business leaders, EQUES® will provide you with advice to protect and grow your business.


The EQUES® General Counsel team has decades of advocacy and negotiation experience. We can advise on your position, advocate for that position in negotiations, and represent you in drafting the initial and final proposals with the other party.


The EQUES® General Counsel team are skilled litigators that understand the nuances of business litigation. Litigation is a marathon and not a sprint. The EQUES® litigators know how to run this race and will be with you every step of the way.

Operational Support

The EQUES® General Counsel team can help you craft your employment policies (hiring and firing), employment contracts, negotiate compensation packages, draft handbooks and policies, and even interview or dismiss key employees. 

Mergers & Acquisitions

The EQUES® General Counsel team has first-hand experience in buying, selling, and merging businesses. Whether you are looking to start or add a new revenue stream, bolt on an existing business, merge with a strategic partner, acquire a competitor, or sell your business, EQUES® can tailor a plan to accomplish your goals.

Exit Planning

The time comes for an owner to hand the business of to the next generation, transition leadership, sell their business, or hang it up. Before that time comes the EQUES® General Counsel team will help you create an actionable plan to streamline the process and maximize your peace of mind and return on investment.

EQUES® General Counsel

Your Partner on Your Business Journey