Juvenile Cases

Do Not Let Your Child's Future Be Compromised

Juvenile criminal defense requires an experienced criminal defense attorney. We completely understand how emotionally charged a criminal case involving children or underage teens can be. Facing criminal charges can be very frightening for anyone, let alone a child or teenager. The last thing you want is one mistake negatively impacting you or your child’s future. Our specialized attorneys help our clients get the best outcome possible in what may be the most difficult circumstances in their life.

Managing Charges 

Juvenile crimes are treated quite differently than adult crimes. After a minor has been taken into custody by law enforcement, often, he or she is released back to his or her parents while filing formal charges. Otherwise, they are taken to a juvenile detention center to await paperwork on official court proceedings.

Most juvenile courts prefer rehabilitation of juvenile offenders rather than formal punishment for misdemeanors or felonies. Nevertheless, minors can be given harsh punishments or tried as adults for severe crimes.

Protect your Child’s Future

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