Criminal Protection Order

Protecting Your Safety and Your Rights

Securing Your Safety with a Criminal Protection Order (CPO)

Addressing the grave matters of domestic violence, stalking, and sexually oriented offenses is paramount, as these issues can cast a dark shadow over every aspect of your life. Feeling unsafe at work, the grocery store, or even within the confines of your own home is an unbearable burden. At EQUES® Law Group, we understand the urgency of your situation and are here to empower you. Our attorneys extend beyond obtaining a Criminal Protection Order (CPO); we are dedicated to resolving any related disputes that may arise, ensuring your comprehensive protection.


When a CPO is granted, the Court issues a commanding directive to the abuser, compelling them to cease all forms of abuse, threats, or stalking directed toward the petitioner, other household members, and sometimes even family pets. This order extends its reach to prohibit any contact between the abuser and the protected parties, whether it be at home, school, employment, or the local grocery store.

Modifying, Terminating, or Renewing Your Protection

A Criminal Protection Order (CPO) is a legal protection granted to someone for up to five years. Within this timeframe, circumstances may evolve, leading to the necessity or desire to modify specific regulations or terminate the order altogether. Conversely, as the expiration date of the CPO approaches, you have the right to petition for its renewal, ensuring that your protection remains steadfast.

Our legal experts at EQUES® Law Group possess the knowledge and experience to guide you through the complexities of modifying, terminating, or renewing your CPO, empowering you to reclaim control over your safety and peace of mind.

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