Criminal Protective Order

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Getting a CPO
Domestic violence, stalking, and sexually oriented offenses are serious topics. It is gut-wrenching to not feel safe going to work, the grocery store, or even just being in your own home. You don’t need to live in fear; EQUES Law Group can help. Not only can we help with a civil protection order, but we can also settle any other disputes that may be part of it.


When a CPO is granted, the Court orders the abuser to stop abusing, threatening, or stalking the petitioner, other household members, and sometimes even the family pet. This order can prohibit the abuser from having any contact with any protected party, whether at home, school, employment, or the grocery store.

Modifying, Terminating, or Renewal
A Civil Protection Order can last up to five years. During those five years, there may be a need or desire to modify specific regulations or terminate the Order. On the other hand, if the CPO is running out, you can petition for a renewal.

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