Collection of Payment

The HOA/Condominium Board Has A Duty To Collect Assessments

Let’s face it—collecting past due maintenance fees is not always easy. Generally, the Board may need to foreclose on its lien to prompt payment of past due maintenance fees and assessments. No Association wants to foreclose on a delinquent member. However, the Association relies on payment of maintenance fees to operate your community.

Let Us Set Up A Collection Policy That Works For Your Community—Take The Guesswork Out Of How To Handle Delinquencies Each Month

Did you know Ohio Condominium Associations and Planned Communities have a right to recover reasonable attorney fees, paralegal fees, court costs, and other costs of collection from a delinquent owner? This rule allows the Association to charge any of these costs to the delinquent owner’s account.

Our team has been on the national stage in educating other attorneys in debt collection matters and best practices. We can recommend the most advantageous course of action for your Board and your community in order to have the best chances of recovery. We handle everything from initial demand letters, filing of Certificates of Lien, additional debtor communications, small claims and municipal court complaints about money due, and foreclosure actions. Our legal team will also handle probate and bankruptcy proceedings when the situation warrants it.

Expect prompt turnaround times from our team for your collection issues along with open debtor communication with owners who have fallen past due. We don’t push foreclosure in every situation, and don’t want your Association to throw good money after bad. Pursue collection in a way that makes sense.

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Our experienced team of collection attorneys are here to help you achieve your goals. We offer guidance as your Board faces the many challenges of operating an Association and collecting maintenance fees and assessments. 


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