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Leveraging experience and innovation, EQUES® Law Group strives to develop a best-in-class complex litigation practice in Ohio and Federal Courts.   Complex litigation refers to legal disputes that involve a significant amount of resources, multiple parties, unique issues, novel questions of the law, and overall complex legal issues. These cases often take longer to resolve and may require specialized legal expertise, retention of expert witnesses across multiple industries, a large amount of discovery, and a nuanced understanding of the law. Complex litigation can be both civil and criminal and include a wide range of legal areas such as contract disputes, intellectual property, product liability, real estate, mineral rights, environmental law, administrative law, and issues that cross multiple jurisdictions or involve various administrative and governing authorities.

EQUES® Complex Litigation Attorneys:

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Robert Barga

Examples of complex litigation include:

Class Action Lawsuits:
These are lawsuits brought by a large group of people who have been harmed by the same defendant. Class action lawsuits can be complex because they may involve numerous plaintiffs, multiple jurisdictions, and complex legal issues.


Multi-District Litigation:
A legal proceeding in which multiple lawsuits filed in different federal courts are consolidated and heard by one judge. MDLs can be complex because they involve numerous cases and defendants.


Real Estate and Mineral Rights:
These proceedings can involve complex title chains that have gaps or require in-depth research into not just governmental records, but also local historical records. These issues can also invite novel or unique challenges from other jurisdictions where parties seek to create an exception or introduce new ways of interpreting the law. EQUES® has successfully prosecuted and defended complex real estate title issues in trial and appellate courts across Ohio including cases involving the Marketable Title Act, Easements and Rights of Way, the Dormant Mineral Act, and Homeowners and Condominium Cases.


Intellectual Property:
These disputes can be complex because they often involve a large amount of technical information and may require specialized legal expertise. Examples of intellectual property disputes include patent, trademark, and copyright infringement cases.


Environmental law:
These cases can be complex because they often involve multiple parties, such as government agencies, private companies, and environmental groups, and may raise complicated legal and scientific issues.


Securities law:
These cases can be complex because they often involve significant financial information and may require specialized legal and financial expertise.

Complex litigation requires a high degree of legal skill, experience, and resources to navigate.


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