Business Restructuring

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Sudden or dramatic business reversals can paralyze decision-makers making it problematic to move forward toward a profitable turnaround. We help guide our clients through the restructuring process and build the consensus needed to bring the parties together or to outmaneuver our adversaries in court. Our restructuring attorneys have experience creatively representing every possible constituency in the restructuring and workout area, including the company, its owners, guarantors and affiliates, its senior and junior secured and unsecured banks and other creditors, creditor committees, acquiring companies, and investors. This experience gives us a deep understanding of the various positions different constituent creditors–secured and unsecured–may take.

Providing Guidance Along The Way


Our restructuring lawyers leverage their understanding of sophisticated bankruptcy and litigation strategies and tactics to create value for our clients. We employ effective techniques such as:


  • Auctions


  • First and Second Position Lien Agreements and Modifications


  • Forbearance Arrangements


  • Inter-creditor Agreements


  • Issuances of Preferred and Common Stock


  • Modifications to Existing Credit Agreements


  • Refinancing and Issuances of New Debt or Equity Obligations


  • Sale of Assets

We Focus On Achieving The Best Outcome For You

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