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Associate Attorney

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Although immigration law is what first inspired Nikki Hamsher to go to law school, her true desire is to be the guiding navigator through interlocking systems that lack clarity and conciseness for any matter, civil disputes, criminal and family law. Nikki is fueled by helping a person reset their lives as they find themselves in a divorce they did not expect, walking a young person through a poor decision and giving them a chance to make better choices, or even helping businesses ensure their contracts are honored and paid what they have earned.

“Very pleasant experience. Betty and Nikki did a wonderful job. Thanks again!!!”   

— John K.

Nikki grew up in Berlin and at a young age was sneaking out of bed to watch shows like L.A. Law. She knew she wanted to be a lawyer. Nikki has always loved reading and writing and playing with words, teasing out meanings and using them in unexpected ways to get the precise point across, and law practice is nothing if not that.


Before going to law school, she was a library aide for East Holmes Local Schools, serving at Flat Ridge and Berlin Elementary for 13 years. Although she loved her job instilling a passion for stories in children, she left to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming an attorney, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Akron School of Law in 2021. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Kent State University.


Nikki resides in Sugarcreek with her husband, Mike, and their two daughters, Daisy and Kyra. She enjoys the challenge of learning new things and loves to read, write, and travel.

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