Madeline Anich

Madeline Anich
Junior Associate

Madeline Anich is a Junior Associate Attorney who began her legal career with Eques after earning her J.D. from “THE” Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Madeline decided to become a lawyer during her first month on the Highland High School Public Forum Debate Team, arguing politics and current events at the flip of a coin. Four years later, enrolled at Kent State University and involved in half a dozen student organizations, she changed her mind and decided to make a career out of helping others. By the time Madeline graduated with a BA in Economics and Political Science, she realized that she could do both.

Madeline believes that the little guy deserves a fair chance, and she aspires to support and guide her clients through difficult times and legal quagmires. As a licensed Legal Intern at Moritz, Madeline’s first clients were entrepreneurs of small businesses, and her first legal disputes were in small claims mediation. As a law student during the COVID-19 pandemic, she developed a well-rounded skill set in compliance, contracts, corporate law, and remote lawyering. 

Akron-born and Medina-raised, Madeline has a great love for the local arts. She is a Board Member for the Available Light Theater in Columbus, and enjoys attending local comic cons, craft fairs, and music festivals (like Akron’s Porch Rockr!) In her spare time, Madeline enjoys yoga, running, Dungeons and Dragons, and making DIY crafts for her Etsy shop.