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Amendments to Leases

Representing Landowners All Over Ohio
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Representing Landowners all over Ohio

Gas companies across Ohio are approaching Landowners and asking them to agree to Amend or Modify their existing gas lease. Lease Amendments and Modifications can take many forms and they must be carefully scrutinized. Many Amendments and Modifications are non-negotiable, but some lease Amendments and Modifications are negotiable and must be negotiated to maximize Landowner benefits and limit the negative impact of the requested lease modifications.

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When you are presented with a Gas Lease Amendment and Modification request, the first step is to evaluate and understand leverage. Equally important is that you fully understand the language in their original gas lease and the language of the requested Gas Lease Amendment and Modification. You must identify precisely what changes the Gas Lease Amendment and Modification presents and what are the likely consequences of their very important decision to accept or decline the Amendment and Modification. Lease Amendment and Modifications can be fairly simple or extremely technical and complex. Either way, all Gas Lease Amendment and Modification Requests present serious issues for the Landowner to consider and evaluate.

Consult with an experienced attorney

Do not simply sign or reject a Gas Lease Amendment and Modification request without speaking to an experienced oil and gas lease attorney. A wrong decision on a modification request can result in very negative and long-lasting consequences for you.

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