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Pay Your Bill Online

Eques has partnered with LawPay to provide our clients with the option of safely and conveniently paying their invoices by credit card or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express).

In addition, those clients who are required to pay an initial retainer amount can make a credit or debit card payment directly deposited into a dedicated trust account.


Not only can credit/debit card payments be more convenient but paying by credit card can enable you to extend having to pay your legal bills for up to an additional 30 days (while the credit card company processes the payment and applies it to your next monthly statement). If you earn miles, points, or other rewards by paying with your credit or debit card, taking advantage of this option can also help you quickly accumulate significant miles or other rewards.


To make an online payment click the correlating button below.

If you do not have a retainer or trust account and would like to pay an invoice


To add money to a retainer or trust account