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About this event

We have some exciting news! We know that our annual Small Business Conference is an event that the community anticipates each year, and it just got better. We are excited to announce that this year’s event will be held at the Amish Country Theater and the Berlin Encore Hotel. We are confident that this new setting will help take our event to the next level.

We have also decided to rebrand the Small Business Conference. Over the years, we have realized that many businesses that would be considered “small” when we started this event 10 years ago are no longer small. We’ve realized that by keeping that name, we were missing out on people and companies who would benefit from the content we have to share. With all that in mind, we would like to formally announce that the new name of our event will be the GAP Conference.

Why the GAP Conference?

Don’t worry, you are still allowed to attend even if you prefer J. Crew or Banana Republic over Gap. GAP stands for Growth, Accelerate, and Propel. It’s no secret that many businesses in our community are thriving, and are continuing to grow, are continuing to accelerate their success, and are propelling themselves forward. It is our goal to provide content and education that is a catalyst for growth and success.

One last thing. Our keynote speaker this year is the one and only, Ohio State Football legend, Maurice Clarett! Most of you are familiar with his story or at least his days tearing up the turf at Ohio State, but many may not know that he is now a sought-after public speaker, coach, and advocate for mental health.


This is sure to be our best year yet! More details and speaker lineup to follow.