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Adoption occurs when a child not born to a person(s) is legally declared to be the child of that person(s) even if neither person is the biological parent of the child. Every adoption requires that a court approve the action and finds the fitness of the adoptive parents to care for the child.


Adopted children gain all the rights of biological children, and adoptive parents are legally responsible for the care and support of adopted children just as they are with biological children. EQUES Law Group understands the adoption process can be complicated and recommends involving an experienced adoption attorney as soon as possible.

Let Us Make The Adoption Process Easier For You

Our attorneys can help you choose the best adoption scenario for your family and help your new child(ren) find a forever home. There are several types of adoptions and different scenarios under which a person may adopt:


  • Infant adoption – biological parents decide to put baby up for adoption between age 1-12 month old.
  • Related adoptions – children are related to one or both parties who intend to adopt.
  • Adult adoptions – children are 18 and older and adopted to establish inheritance rights.
  • Second-parent adoptions – adoption by two unmarried people or those in civil unions.
  • Contested adoptions – adoption is blocked by a biological parent.


Every county has strict guidelines, so be sure to work with us to make sure that you are properly prepared and know what to expect. Let us help you start the process today.

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