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“What is Equine Law?”

“Equine” means a horse, pony, mule, donkey, zebra, or alpaca. Equine law covers activities dealing with an equine, the equine’s welfare, equestrian sports, and recreational use of equines, riders, and rider safety.


People often also ask, “is there a lot of work in that area of law?” The horse industry is a multi-billion-dollar industry. It impacts the American economy more than motion picture services, railroad transportation, and the cigarette industry. As of 2022, there is an estimated 2 million horse owners in the United States and a total of more than 7 million Americans involved in the industry as owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers.

Let Us Help You

Equine Lawyer Rebecca Skeeles, Attorney with the Eques Law Group, represents anyone involved in the industry, from owners to breeders to those providing services to the equine industry. Ohio’s laws governing horses and equine liability are extremely complex. If you’re involved in a dispute regarding the sale, purchase, treatment, breeding, or safety of an equine or a matter involving one of your horses, your horse business operation, or any other issue, you need an experienced Ohio equine attorney to protect you. Ms. Skeeles has practiced in this area of law for over 23 years. She has an inherent understanding of the horse industry because she and her family have owned horses for over 50 years, and she has competed with Arabian horses her entire life, starting out in 4-H, then at the local, regional, and national level. She has an extensive understanding of horses, the horse industry and the different disciplines and breeds of horses.


Her practice includes, but is not limited to the following areas of practice:

– Horse boarding

– Liability Waivers/releases for individual horse owners, stables, trainers

– Boarding Contracts

– Purchases & Sales- Contracts, Disputes & Negotiations

– Training Contracts

– Riding lessons/instruction programs

– Breeding Contracts

– Equine Real Estate

– Hauling & Transportation Contracts

– All Horse-Related Activities & Boarding Facilities

– Lease Agreements

– Collections

– Animal Abuse/Welfare

– Fraud/Abuse

– Business Consulting

– Compliance with State Rules on Sign Posting/Contracts

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