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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Peace is Our Profession
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Is justice really “just” if it does not bring peace? The judicial system is a powerful weapon for resolving disputes between parties. As with all powerful weapons, the victorious receive its benefits while the defeated suffer its wrath. While litigation is often the first thought when seeking justice, it is not the only one.

Eques is unequivocal in its willingness to litigate and we are confident in our skills and experience in representing clients within the litigation framework. But just because we can, does not mean that we believe we must. Eques has seasoned and experienced mediators, arbitrators, and negotiators who seek to resolve conflict without the stress and expense of litigation. We believe that justice is served when peace is restored.


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ADR Areas:

Energy (Oil and Gas)

Health Care and Medical Mal-practice

Construction and Building Trades

Business Relationships

Contractual Relationships

Family Law

Personal Injury

Types of ADR:


AD HOC Arbitration

Adjudicative-Claims Arbitration

Bracketed Arbitration

Compromissory Arbitration

Compulsory Arbitration


Early Neutral Evaluation

Evaluative Mediation

Facilitative Mediation

Final Offer Arbitration

Grievance Arbitration

Interest Arbitration

Mandatory Arbitration



Neutral Expert Fact-Finding

Non-Binding Arbitration

Private Judging

Settlement Conference

Summary Jury Trial

Transformative Mediation

Voluntary Arbitration

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