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White Collar Crimes

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Have you been charged with a white collar crime? If so, it is imperative that you get the help of an experienced attorney.


Simply being charged or having allegations of a white-collar crime filed against you can impact your professional reputation negatively. Let us help get your business life back on track and quell suspicion of any business-related misdeeds.


White collar crimes, while non-violent in nature, are still heavily disdained and very seriously dealt with by prosecutors and the criminal justice system in general. We have the experience necessary to help clients get the best outcome possible for the given circumstances. If you have been charged with a violation of trust in any business concern anywhere in Ohio, we can help.

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White collar crimes can be a felony offense if the alleged fraud or business crime was substantial enough. These charges require the knowledge and experience of a white collar crime defense attorney who is passionate about helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

We work one on one with the client and go over every scrap of evidence in order to build a strong strategy and then aggressively defend against the charges they are facing.


Examples of white collar crimes we represent clients in include:


  • Embezzlement


  • Money laundering


  • Fraud


  • Identity theft


  • Misuse of funds


  • Forgery


  • Bribery


  • Credit card fraud


  • Extortion


  • Conspiracy


  • Insider trading
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Some of these are federal offenses and such allegations could land you in Federal Court. If convicted, you could receive many years in prison as well as very hefty fines, not to mention the devastation of your professional career and reputation. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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