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COVID-19 Update

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COVID-19 Update

We have been grateful to be able to maintain excellent client care throughout this season and will continue to do so as our State is taking measures to open up.  Eques seeks to serve you in the most excellent way possible and in order to do this, we must be able to keep our employees well.  We desire to serve all clients and to make sure that delays do not happen.  With this in mind, we ask all clients that need to do in-person meetings to help us maintain health in our offices.

If you need to do an in-person meeting with our staff, please wear a mask.

If you do not have a mask, please grab one on the dropbox and put one on.

Please remain in our sterile room once you have entered.

Please keep 6 ft apart between you and our staff member.

Please do not come sick.

Please take any water bottles or drinks with you when you leave.

  Eques is committed to your health and wellness through this season and sanitizes our rooms after meetings occur in these spaces.

We understand that masks may be a problem for some, please communicate this on the phone and one of our attorneys will be in contact to present alternative ways that you can meet.

Thank you all for your understanding.  We are in this together Ohio.

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