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The Rule of Rings

Engagement Ring

“But it was a gift!” The newly unengaged woman called asking whether the engagement ring, freely given to her by her now-ex-fiancé, was hers to keep. I was the bearer of bad news: the ring had to be returned. Engagement rings, a symbol of the promise of a lifetime of unconditional love, can become hotly contested items if that promise is broken. Gifts are generally irrevocable – one cannot simply take back a gift. However, conditional gifts are things given based upon a promise or event happening, similar to a contract. These are quite common in the world of churches, charities, and...

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The Art of the Prose


When it comes to the law, there is not a single area where the ability to craft language, play with prose, or narrate stories, is not essential. Reading the following two passages, which convey the same legal information, which one is more compelling to you?    “Defendant, an elderly gentleman, was confused by the legal   requirements, but now has counsel. Defendant requests that   this honorable Court, pursuant to Civ.R. 15(A), grant leave   to file an amended answer.”    “Defendant, a grandfather, was rocked by a storm of   allegations, shocked by the claims made and acted in good   faith.  While he attempted to answer Plaintiff’s complaint   properly, with no guidance, he was cast adrift in the sea of   litigation, without a lighthouse leading to safe harbor. Defendant   has now found...

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What to Expect During a Family or Criminal Law Consultation

One of the greatest aspects of being an attorney is conducting consultations with potential new clients. As someone who enjoys talking and meeting with people, I truly enjoy helping, educating, and empowering individuals who seek answers to some of the most difficult and challenging questions and experiences that they will go through in their life. It is extremely rewarding to assist and empower the potential new client in understanding their legal options and advising them on how to best move forward. Some of the most difficult questions that one may ask themselves is “I need a divorce, but I don’t know...

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How long will my divorce take to complete?

One of the most common questions that I am asked during a divorce consultation is “How long will my divorce take to complete?”  This is a very difficult question to answer given that everyone’s marriage is unique and may have different circumstances that drive the overall amount of time one may have to invest in said divorce. I have litigated divorces that take a few months to complete, whereas I have litigated very complex divorces that take over 12 months to complete. There are many factors that contribute to the length of time that a divorce may take to work its...

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Relationships: When Agreeing to Disagree Becomes Agreeing to Split Up


Relationships are not perfect. They have their majestic vistas, but they also have their difficult summits and perilous cliffs. Sometimes, through no fault of either party, it becomes clear that a relationship should reach its natural end. When this happens, in a marriage, there are two options – a Divorce or a Dissolution.    What is a Dissolution?  We all know what the stereotypical divorce looks like – fighting, crying, and expensive legal bills. A dissolution is a lot closer to a break-up than a divorce, though it has the same legal effect. A dissolution is a non-contested, no-fault termination of the marriage. This means that nobody is...

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Visitation for Grandparents under Ohio Law

visitation from grandparents

Under Ohio law, Grandparents may pursue visitation rights with their grandchild(ren) in certain situations, such as when: Married parents terminate the marriage or separateA parent passes away;The child’s mother is unmarried; or,A child is deemed abused, neglected, or dependent. A Court will more than likely grant visitation time to a grandparent in a proceeding for divorce, dissolution, or legal separation if the grandparent files a motion in the appropriate court seeking visitation rights. If the Court agrees with the said motion and finds that it is in the best interest of the minor grandchild(ren) then the Court may award reasonable visitation time. If...

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What is a Grand Jury?

What is a Grand Jury

In Ohio, juries are generally one of two types: Grand or Petit (from the French for small or short) Juries. Grand juries have longer terms of service and consider many cases. Petit juries are called to try only one case.  In this article, we look at the history and function of the Grand Jury. In English legal history, each county had a Grand Jury serving for a term of court (in Ohio a term of court is for 4 months). The King's Judges rode circuits throughout the counties trying to have court in each county at least once per term. Without resident...

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