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How To Start a Non-Profit Organization in Ohio

How to Start a Non-Profit

Starting and operating a non-profit organization can be a little overwhelming. Unfortunately, it can be easy to miss a legal requirement that could jeopardize your organization or your tax-exempt status, if you are also seeking to be tax-exempt. In order to make this process as seamless as possible for you, we’ve put together a shorthand checklist to assist you get your new Ohio non-profit organization off to a great start. Step 1: Name your Organization. This may seem like an obvious step; however, there are certain requirements for naming a non-profit corporation in Ohio. The legal name of your nonprofit corporation must...

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What is a Grand Jury?

What is a Grand Jury

In Ohio, juries are generally one of two types: Grand or Petit (from the French for small or short) Juries. Grand juries have longer terms of service and consider many cases. Petit juries are called to try only one case.  In this article, we look at the history and function of the Grand Jury. In English legal history, each county had a Grand Jury serving for a term of court (in Ohio a term of court is for 4 months). The King's Judges rode circuits throughout the counties trying to have court in each county at least once per term. Without resident...

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What is the White Law Office Annual Small Business Conference?

What is the small business conference

The White Law Office Small Business Conference (SBC) began eight years ago with the idea of connecting local business owners, their teams, and entrepreneurs with local resources. We, at White Law Office, firmly believe in the potential of the small business community. We also believe that we have a wealth of talent and resources in our communities that can help small businesses succeed. As navigating the legal, financial, risk management, and regulatory environments around small businesses have become more complicated, we saw a need to provide education and empowerment to local small business leaders. What began with thirty people in a conference room...

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Your Company Needs a Handbook

Your Company Needs a Handbook

Small Businesses are great! I try to shop small businesses and support the local economy as much as I can. I also love the personality of small businesses. They tend to be casual, friendly, and fun. So, when you start talking to them about handbooks, they tend to be apprehensive about adding them to their business. Handbooks feel restraining, unfriendly, and stuffy. In the several years that I have done HR, I have realized that the opposite is true. Handbooks offer freedom within the company. Handbooks set the expectations set forth for the company (this is how we do things here.) Handbooks set the direction or the mission...

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Attention Ohio Farmers! Senate Bill 57 May Make It Possible for You to Begin Cultivating Hemp

Attention Ohio Farmers Senate Bill 57

Senate Bill 57, passed by the Ohio legislature in 2019, and signed into law, decriminalized Hemp and has paved the way for farmers to begin cultivating Hemp in the State of Ohio.  Most provisions of Senate Bill 57 are currently in effect, but not all of Senate Bill 57’s provisions will be effective until the late Spring of 2020. You may be asking yourself, “What is Hemp?” Hemp is a plant from the cannabis family and is commonly compared to marijuana. However, Hemp does not produce the “intoxicating effects” of the cannabis plant, marijuana.[1] Interestingly, the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture states that “Hemp yields a strong...

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How Are Design Patents Different From Other Patents?


Design patents are a relatively recent type of patent that protects non-utility inventions, such as the creative or decorative elements of manufactured items.  Design patents usually apply to design elements of a thing that are non-functional, and thus not eligible for a utility patent, but that also wouldn’t necessarily be eligible for copyright or trademark protection.  In some cases, designs that may be eligible for design patent may also be eligible for copyright or trademark protection as well, but the design patent adds an extra layer of protection for the inventor seeking damages for infringement of the design. A design patent...

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What Do I Need to Apply for a Patent?

Apply for a Patent

Most patent applications are for utility patents - inventions that have some functional use - and these applications usually have a specification, drawings, and claims. The specification is a legally complete description of the invention you are claiming.  The specification needs to fully describe all aspects of the invention that you’re claiming protection for and needs to sufficiently describe the application so that another person, who has a base-level understanding of the relevant technological art field, could replicate and make the invention.  The specification doesn’t have to be a technical white-paper or a thorough dissertation on every possible aspect of the invention – it just has to meet the legally...

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