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Eight Unique Legal Ways Agritourism Protects You!


Over the last two articles, I have discussed what agritourism is, what some of the rules surrounding it are, and how it can benefit you. In this article, I will be exploring the legal and tax protections that agritourism offers. Keeping and Expanding your Tax Benefits Ben Franklin once said that death and taxes are the only two unavoidable features of life, and he was not wrong. While agritourism will not prevent your farm from having to pay taxes, it allows your business to qualify for a CAUV reduction, homesteading protections, or other tax credits, and keep those that you already have...

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How To Avoid Probate in 3 (or 4) Simple Steps

Probate is the legal process of administering a person’s estate after their death, ensuring assets are distributed to the next heir, and satisfying any liabilities. In my experience, everyone would like to avoid probate, where possible. It can be costly and time-consuming; an added difficulty for a family experiencing a loss.             Here is a quick summary of 3 steps that you can take to avoid Probate: If you’re married and own property, make sure it is owned with your spouse as joint survivors, with rights of survivorship. I don’t recommend this universally if you want the property to transfer to your...

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What are some examples of Agritourism and how can it Benefit Me?


As discussed in Part One, Agritourism is a rapidly spreading form of agricultural entrepreneurship, allowing farmers and ranchers to better control their income, while creating opportunities for the public to learn and gain first-hand experience. While you may have a picture of what you expect from agritourism, probably a Christmas tree farm or a pick-your-own orchard, there are hundreds of possible paths for your specific business to take, and many ways for it to benefit you; this article will discuss some of those.   Homesteading, big and small.  Some Examples:   A beekeeper who offers the public to suit up and collect honey  A small bakery...

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Agritourism Part One: My neighbors now have a pick-your-own fruit farm, what are they doing?

Drive through the hills of Licking County and you will encounter numerous agritourism businesses. From an Orchard in Utica to a Tree Farm in Alexandria, to a Fruit Farm in Pataskala, your neighbors have discovered the advantage in catering to tourists from Columbus, and transforming their property into pick-your-own orchards, corn mazes, and wedding venues.   What is Agritourism?         Agritourism is a rapidly spreading form of agricultural business ownership. Instead of using your farm or ranch to produce food, clothing, and other resources and materials, you can open your doors to all. While maintaining your working farm, agritourism allows you to also offer weddings, corporate retreats, seasonal fun and games,...

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Department of Health Guidelines for Re-Opening Restaurants and Bars

Department of Health Guidelines for Re-Opening Restaurants and Bars

As dine-in services for Ohio’s restaurants and bars re-open, here are some thoughts about the Ohio Department of Health guidelines for in-restaurant dining. For more information, please see or call your local health department. HEALTHY COOKS AND WAITERS. Increased employee monitoring and training are mandated. Bar and restaurant managers have the responsibility to assure on a daily basis that employees are healthy when they report to work and are monitored throughout their shift if they get sick. MASKED WAITERS. With very few exceptions, restaurant and bar workers must be masked. MASKED DINERS. While masks for diners is recommended, except when eating, diner...

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Should my Church (or other Religious Institution) Apply for Federal Loans offered during this Pandemic?

should my church apply for federal loans

By now, you are likely familiar with the SBA’s loans for hard-hit businesses during this national pandemic. All organizations have been impacted in some way by the coronavirus, including non-profit organizations. It is of some relief to hear that non-profit organization can also apply for governmental relief that is available under the CARES Act, such as the Paycheck Protection Program (although it is currently out of funds and no longer taking new applications) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance. Through a set of FAQ’s, the Small Business Administration made clear not only that faith-based organizations are eligible to receive...

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So You’re Starting a NonProfit. Here are some FAQs.

NonProfit Start Up FAQs

Do you have a mission or vision to positively impact others’ lives? Do you see a need that you believe needs to be met by an organization rather than just on an individual basis? Then you may be thinking of starting a not-for-profit organization (“nonprofit”) to help you make these visions a reality. At the White Law Office, Co., we are committed to helping nonprofits succeed. This blog answers some frequently asked questions related to starting a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Ohio. Stayed tuned to the White Papers for further resources for your nonprofit organization. Is every “nonprofit” tax-exempt? No. It is...

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