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Do I Need a Trust or a Will?

It’s advisable for everyone to have a Last Will and Testament (referred to herein as a “Will”). Most people are familiar with Wills and know that they should have them. Something that is a little more foreign is the concept of a Trust. For purposes of this informational blog, I’m going to refer to what we call a revocable living trust. But how do you know if you need a Trust, rather than just a Will?   For starters, this is a personal decision, which you, of course, have the authority to decide. However, these are some of the factors that I...

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Local Administrative Law, Part 1: Breaking Down Zoning

In Ohio, political subdivisions such as cities, villages, and townships often contain their own internal departments. Some entities have a single officer that handles the entirety of the concern, appointed by Council or the Mayor, and answerable only to them. Others, usually our bigger cities, have entire departments dedicated to a specialized area, with heads, dozens of employees, and their own internal policies and procedures. Regardless of the setup, these subdivisions of subdivisions are known as “administrative officers and agencies”, and they have very specific rules governing their operation. Generally speaking, most of these officers and agencies are governed by what...

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