A Knight Is Sworn To Valor

As we often state, our core values are Trust and Integrity. What we are saying to ourselves,
each other, our clients, our opponents and the world at large is: “You can trust my integrity.”
But what does that mean? Lawyers are addressed with the surname “Esq.” which stands for Esquire, from the Latin for
Knight. A couple of weeks ago, during a discussion, someone thought about the knight’s head
chess piece that is our logo.

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What a Trial Lawyer Knows About Trials

What a Trial Lawyer Knows About Trials
Posted by Thomas D. White in Litigation
Often when I sit down with a new client to discuss how they feel they need to sue someone or someone has sued them, we first have to work through the shock of why they are in a lawyer’s office. We need to know where lawyer’s offices and doctor’s offices are but somehow we hope we will never need them.

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In Memoriam

This past week one of my friends, Andy (Bims) Mast passed away. We were not friends in the traditional sense that often think of as friends. We didn’t share many common interests and outside of the occasional breakfast, we didn’t spend much time together over the past five years. Bims and I came from different generations and often had different ways of looking at the world. But despite these differences, we became friends when we worked in the same business over twenty years ago. I was a typical high school teenager who was looking for a summer job, and Bims was the seasoned employee who wasn’t sure that I would last the summer.

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