Fear of Dealing with Attorneys

One of the most common reasons that people generally prefer to avoid attorneys is the fear of the unknown. How many times have you walked into an unfamiliar store and felt that twinge of uncertainty? To make matters worse, you may be instantly approached by a salesperson who asks if they can help you.

I was charged with a DUI. Now what

I was charged with a DUI. Now what?

The penalties may increase as the number of offenses over the last ten (10) years increases and the penalties also increase depending upon the level of the test. Please note that there are additional penalties not discussed above, such as restricted plates, license interlock system, and even immobilization or forfeiture of the vehicle involved. The Judge in your case will have discretion in a handful of penalties in your case. However, some penalties are mandatory and cannot be avoided. Keep in mind that if you are under the age of 21 and are convicted of OVI or DUI, the penalties may be far greater than those included above.