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Author: Jordan Stoltzfus

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How Should an HOA Board Run a Board Meeting?

As volunteers for your community Association, or not-for-profit organization, the Board members devote countless hours of their free to handling Association issues and ensure the Association runs properly.  Not only are board members charged with choosing vendors and ensuring that the common elements are maintained, but they are required to keep proper corporate records, which include meeting minutes for any board meeting or association meeting.   Some common questions we receive from Board Members:   Q: If we are just volunteer board members, do we still have to keep formal meeting minutes for the board meetings?  If so, what should the minutes include?   A: Yes. ...

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Stepparent Adoptions in Ohio

“Can I adopt my spouse’s child?”   “Can I adopt my domestic partner’s child?”   “What is the process for a stepparent adoption?”   These are common questions that we get at Eques, Inc, and I wanted to provide a brief overview of the topic.   First, in Ohio, to qualify for a “stepparent adoption”, the Petitioner (the one seeking the adoption) must be married to a parent of the minor to be adopted for at least one year prior to filing the adoption certificate. Often, partners who have been in a committed relationship for a long period of time, but who are not married, will wonder if...

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What’s In A Deed?

Did you know there are different types of deeds?  And the type of deed you grant to someone affects your obligations to him in the future?  And the type of deed you receive as a grantee dictates what you actually receive in the deed?  Depending on the type of deed you hold for your property, the prior owner may or may not have made you promises regarding the title to your property – including whether he actually even owned it when he deeded it to you.  If you have an issue with your property’s title in the future, the promises made in your deed may help you or hurt you down the road.    So, what...

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The Art of the Prose

When it comes to the law, there is not a single area where the ability to craft language, play with prose, or narrate stories, is not essential. Reading the following two passages, which convey the same legal information, which one is more compelling to you?    “Defendant, an elderly gentleman, was confused by the legal   requirements, but now has counsel. Defendant requests that   this honorable Court, pursuant to Civ.R. 15(A), grant leave   to file an amended answer.”    “Defendant, a grandfather, was rocked by a storm of   allegations, shocked by the claims made and acted in good   faith.  While he attempted to answer Plaintiff’s complaint   properly, with no guidance, he was cast adrift in the sea of   litigation, without a lighthouse leading to safe harbor. Defendant   has now found...

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