Board Member Emails

How can associations improve communications and streamline board transitions by updating emails?


When board members choose to use their personal or work emails for communications related to the association, things can get a bit sticky. A big concern is that there can be a lack of confidentiality and organization.

Did you mean to send that casserole recipe to your niece? Uh oh! Instead, you sent it to one of the other board members.

Did you want to include the property manager on that email about past due accounts? Check again! You cc’d your dog groomer.

Particularly challenging can be the use of work email addresses for Association business.  Imagine that the Association is named in a lawsuit, and opposing counsel issue a subpoena for all of your work emails.  Not only may this violate your employer’s email use policy, but it real cases, it has resulted in the employer needing to hire outside counsel at a steep cost to review thousands of emails before they are turned over, may waive attorney-client privilege, and may also result in termination of the employee (this has happened before). 

Another pesky situation is the transition of board members. A frustrating scenario that can be avoided is individuals who are no longer on the board being included in email threads about association matters. The easiest way to correct these situations is assigning each board position its own email account!

With each position having a dedicated email, there is no chance of personal or work-related information getting mixed in with association correspondence.

As well, when a board member transitions out, there’s no need to un-add their email from all correspondence and records. The new board member will take over that positions email account, making board member changes just a little bit easier. The only caveat:  Management would have to ensure that the password is changed with each member transition.

Another great perk to position specific emails is that record keeping will be a breeze! All emails sent to the person who holds each position will be kept within the same email account, regardless of if that same individual is on the board or not.


Here’s an example of these board position emails;


If this sounds like a good idea to you and your board decides to update their emails, please let us know! We will be happy to hear about any board who decides to make this small change and we can proceed with updating our files to reflect the new emails.

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