Spring Clean-Up: Not Only for Looks, but for Liability!

That time of year again is quickly approaching—landscapers will be completing the Spring Clean-Up soon, generally during late March and early April.  While we are lucky to have had a relatively mild Winter, it is important that all Association-responsibility landscaped areas are probably put to rights in the coming months.


Snowplow Damage

Ensure that any damage caused by snowplowing contractors, or the municipality are fixed promptly.  For the Association’s snowplowing contractors, be sure to promptly report any damage so that it can be fixed quickly.  If the contractor is not responsive, please contact us, and we can get involved to ensure compliance with your contract, or if there is no written contract, to deal with issues related to negligence. 


Ground Settling

Ensure that any swells or depressions/settling during the rainy season are also remedied, especially immediately adjacent to driveways, pathways, and sidewalks.  This tends to be an area where water pools and washes away soil. 


Protect the Association’s Liability

Ensure that any divots, holes, or other imperfections caused during the winter are fixed.  If anyone is hurt while tripping or falling in these areas, it may mean a lawsuit or other liability for the Association, including insurance claims.


Generally, these areas of imperfection would constitute an open and obvious danger, but if there are major areas of disturbance, mark the area with cones or caution tape until the damage can be properly remedied.  If the Association Board or Management knows or should have known of a danger, and fails to remedy it, this becomes a problem.

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