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Fun Facts About Ohio Equine Law

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Fun Facts About Ohio Equine Law

With a name like EQUES, it only makes sense to know a little something about Equine Law. Here are some fun facts about Ohio Equine Law from our latest hire, Rebecca Skeeles.


  • Ohio has the sixth-largest horse population in the country. Texas wins, California is second, Florida is third, Oklahoma comes in fourth, with Kentucky closely behind at fifth, and Ohio rounds out the list at 6th place with over 300,000 horses residing in our state.
  • The largest single-breed horse show in the United States is the All-American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH at the Ohio Expo Center. The show has over 750,000 guests annually. The show runs in 2022 from September 27 through October 23.
  • Another event topping the list of popular events in Columbus is the Equine Affaire that will happen this year April 7-10, 2022, at the Ohio Expo Center. This event is North America’s premiere equine exposition and equestrian gathering offering education on horses, entertainment with horses of all breeds, and shopping.
  • The Arabian horse is the oldest of all the breeds and is the origin of many other popular breeds, including the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and the Morgan. Arabians continue today to be valued for their beauty, intelligence, stamina, and love of people.
  • Ohio Revised Code 1311.48 Lien for Care of Animals helps to make sure people in Ohio taking care of horses owned by other people are compensated for their services. The statute provides that any person who feeds or boards a horse under contract with the owner shall have a lien on such animal to secure payment for food and board furnished. Actual, physical possession of the animal is a necessary precondition to a valid lien upon the animal. 
  • Ohio Revised Code 1311.49 Sale of animal to satisfy claim provides that if the owner of an animal, upon written demand by the lienholder, fails to satisfy a lien acquired under 1311.48, the lienholder may sell the horse at a public sale to satisfy such lien. Before the horse is sold, the lienholder must give the owner at least 10 days’ notice of the time and place of the sale. 


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Rebecca Skeeles, Esq. is an Associate Attorney with Eques, Inc. She has owned and shown Arabian and Half-Arabian horses her entire life. She understands the horse industry and represents clients with all breeds of horses in aspects of equine law, including purchase agreements, breeding contracts, liability issues, collections, horse-related activities, and horse boarding facilities.

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