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A Lot of Cases, A Lot of Lawyers

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A Lot of Cases, A Lot of Lawyers

As I was recently choosing a legal trivia question for one of the community events we spoke at, I almost fell out of my chair.  The ultimate question—how many court cases were filed in 2019 in Ohio?


The Answer:



Granted, this is the total number amongst all State Courts in Ohio—which is municipal court, mayor’s court, common pleas court, and the courts of appeals—this includes traffic, civil, and criminal.  However, it does not include threatened litigation, federal cases, and administrative proceedings.


Imagine that—out of Ohio’s population of almost 12 million people, this means that approximately 25% of people will face a legal issue each year in State courts, on average.  This also means that on average, each of us in Ohio will face some sort of legal issue every four years.


Here is another statistic: there were 32,199 attorneys registered to practice law in the State of Ohio in 2019.


Knowing that there is such a high likelihood of needing legal help, how does one choose from one of the many attorneys in our great State?  What sort of questions should you ask when you are hiring an attorney?


  1. What is the firm’s experience in this area of the law? Finding out whether the firm has been successful in your kind of case is important.  You don’t want a firm that does only personal injury to handle your real estate case, or the most transactional lawyers to be handling an appeal.  Our team boasts a variety of experienced attorneys, including a former common pleas court judge, appellate attorneys who have argued before the Ohio Supreme Court, OSBA certified attorney specialists, lawyers with experience in liquor license procurement, and several former employees of the Ohio Attorney General’s office.
  2. Who will be handling my case? Some firms farm their cases out to other lawyers because they are more about marketing than actual legal work.  Others push the bulk to the work to inexperienced associates.  Know that with our team, we are working diligently on your cases within our firm and that if junior associates handle certain aspects of these matters, they are always being closely overseen by a partner or senior associate.  We even have an in-title company, HR accredited professionals, and financial analysts to help assist in specialized areas when necessary
  3. What are your communication turnaround times? The single most complained about thing in the legal industry is that attorneys do not communicate with their clients.  Here at Eques, we always strive to respond within less than 24-48 business hours when possible and keep a high level of communication with our clients.  We respect your time, and you deserve no less when dealing with any sort of legal issue.
  4. Are you the cheapest? Some lawyers claim to do work for a low flat fee, or a very low hourly rate.  Chances are that you will not receive Cadillac service and results for a Yugo price.  The cheapest is not always the best—sometimes inexperienced lawyers will charge a lower hourly rate, but the results are subpar or there is no communication.




There are other things you might not learn in the initial consultation or call, but all of us are down-to-earth, real people.  We all share a love of the law and justice, but we are not about a fancy downtown office and foreign sports cars.  It comes down to the Firm’s philosophy: Top-Notch Legal Talent, Small Town Approach.  We are accessible, respectful, and will achieve your legal needs in an efficient, friendly, and skilled manner, to help achieve all of your legal goals.


Lindsey Wrubel

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