So What Do You Do?

One of the most frequent questions I get when meeting people is, “Do you do…” fill in the blank.

And often, I get the pleasure of saying, “yes, we do.”

So if you have ever wondered if the attorneys at White Law Office do “that,” then let me tell answer that for you.

White Law Office, Co. is a proper general practice firm.

What does that mean?

In short, it means that we don’t just do one thing.

White Law Office has six global practice areas and thirty-six specific practice areas as of the last count.

When you serve over twenty-six counties regularly, there is a wide range of needs.

And we can meet that range because of our team of lawyers.

Thomas D. White, Sr. Partner, and Retired Common Pleas Court Judge, Millersburg

Thom is the founder of the firm and practices in the areas of complex litigation and traditional litigation.

From oil and gas to property to criminal matters, Thomas has a depth and breadth of strategic knowledge that assists his client in navigating the judicial system.

He brings to bear over forty years of legal experience focused on some of the most complex issues our communities face.

Ken Hochstetler, Partner, Berlin

Ken is the head of our transactional practice in Holmes County and the surrounding areas.

Ken not only brings a broad-spectrum understanding of real estate (buying and selling property), life planning (wills and probate), and small business advice, he also speaks the language of a business owner and Pennsylvania Dutch.

Matthew Kearney, Partner, Millersburg

Matthew is focused on our traditional litigation: domestic relations (divorce, dissolution, custody), criminal (misdemeanor, felony, ovi, expungements), and civil (collections, evictions, property disputes).

Matthew travels over a broad region, helping our clients navigate the judicial system as they seek to have their day in court.

Katherine Kimble, Partner, Cadiz & Woodsfield

Katherine leads our practices in Cadiz and Woodsfield.

Under her leadership, she regularly helps clients with real estate, life planning, and small business issues and assists clients in navigating the court system on a wide range of issues.

Katherine also brings to bear a depth of understanding surrounding landowner/mineral owner oil, gas, and mineral issues.

Moriah Hinton, Associate, Wooster

Moriah’s practice focuses on work with small businesses, non-profits, and those seeking adoption.

She focuses on helping owners, entrepreneurs, non-profit directors and boards, and parents untangle the complex issues surrounding their matters.


Robert Barga, Associate, Newark

Robert brings his experience to bear not just in the general litigation and transactional areas but also with administrative rules and regulations.

From his experience with school systems to navigating the rules and regulations around liquor licensing to agritourism, Robert’s experience navigating through red tape and bureaucracy is essential to our client’s success.

All of this to say, if you wonder if we do “that,” the answer is likely, “yes.”

If we don’t do “that,” then we know someone who does.

How can we help you today?

Christopher M. White

Managing Partner

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