What to Expect During a Family or Criminal Law Consultation

One of the greatest aspects of being an attorney is conducting consultations with potential new clients. As someone who enjoys talking and meeting with people, I truly enjoy helping, educating, and empowering individuals who seek answers to some of the most difficult and challenging questions and experiences that they will go through in their life. It is extremely rewarding to assist and empower the potential new client to understand their legal options and advise them on how to best move forward.

Some of the most difficult questions that one may ask themselves are “I need a divorce, but I don’t know where to start” or “I have lost custody of my child and need help, what do I do?” or “I am being investigated for allegedly committing a crime and I am not sure where to begin.”

Here at White Law Office, Co., our family, and criminal law team are ready to assist in answering these most difficult questions.  At White Law Office, Co. we strive to help individuals understand their options, empower them, and bring them peace of mind when facing such tough questions.

Unlike some law offices, EQUES Law Group consultations are complimentary to ease the burden and stress of the individual who is seeking help. Our consultations are set up in a manner to ensure a potential new client feels comfortable relaying sensitive information to our intake team. Once the intake team obtains the sensitive information and materials from the individual, the potential new client file is assigned to the appropriate attorney who is best suited to answer the individual’s questions. Our intake team will then promptly schedule your consultation to ensure that the potential new client’s needs are met timely and in a reasonable fashion.

During the consultation, you will speak with the appropriate attorney who is best situated to answer your questions and advise you accordingly. The attorney may ask additional follow-up questions during the consultation. This is done to ensure that all legal options are being explored.

Please know that EQUES Law Group, pursuant to the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, cannot share any of your personal or sensitive information with anyone outside of our office, nor can we disclose to any individual outside our office that we spoke with you.

If you or a loved one are asking difficult family or criminal law questions and needs advice on where to turn, we highly recommend setting up a consultation with our family law team to provide you with the answers that you seek and discuss your options in pursuing your rights.

Matthew A. Kearney

Litigation Partner

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