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Relationships: When Agreeing to Disagree Becomes Agreeing to Split Up

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Relationships: When Agreeing to Disagree Becomes Agreeing to Split Up

Relationships are not perfect. They have their majestic vistas, but they also have their difficult summits and perilous cliffs. Sometimes, through no fault of either party, it becomes clear that a relationship should reach its natural end. When this happens, in a marriage, there are two options – a Divorce or a Dissolution.   

What is a Dissolution? 

We all know what the stereotypical divorce looks like – fighting, crying, and expensive legal bills. A dissolution is a lot closer to a break-up than a divorce, though it has the same legal effect. A dissolution is a non-contested, no-fault termination of the marriage. This means that nobody is at fault, and everybody agrees that about how the relationship should end. 

In order for a dissolution to be granted by the Court, the couple needs to agree on the terms. When a couple owns very little joint property, have no children, and don’t have much in terms of marital debt, they can easily come to an agreement on the division of their assets and complete the necessary paperwork on their own. Should the couple have children, or several marital assets or debts, it is more difficult to mediate an agreement on the details, and it becomes important to have the right legal advice. The White Law Office, Co. has three reasonable flat rate dissolution packages to help give you peace of mind at these troubling times.

Do I have to go to Court?  

Yes, you will have to go to Court. The Court will require both parties to appear in order to grant a dissolution; if one party is unavailable, there are special affidavits and filings that must be made. You may even be asked to provide a witness or two for your hearing date. 

Will there be a lot of Paperwork? 

In a basic dissolution, there is a minimum of five different documents that must be properly filled out and filed with the Court. If the proceeding involves a fair number of assets or children, the Court may ask specific questions of either party, and additional paperwork will be needed. 

How can The White Law Office, Co. Help? 

We often see these and other similar questions arising from clients when one seeks dissolution of marriage. With over 50 years of legal experience, and offices in five counties across Ohio, The White Law Office, Co. offers you a small-town approach, with top-notch talent. We offer three reasonable flat rate dissolution packages, and also provide legal services in other domestic relations and custodial matters. We are here to help guide you on the right trail as you look towards your next steps in life.  

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