Finding the Right Fit When Searching for a Lawyer

Finding the Right Lawyer

Lawyers have solutions that can be close to “one size fits all” for simple matters, those solutions are only for the most basic of situations.
Every nuance and detail of your situation, no matter how small you might think it is, can cause the recommended solution for your problem to change.
This, among other reasons, is why it is so hard to compare attorneys based on price point.

Some attorneys will attempt to shoehorn you into a solution that may not be the best for your situation, but it is “low cost.”
We have witnessed this when so-called “Trust Mills” come through town.
They charge a set price, and they have never met anyone who doesn’t need a Trust.
The thing is, we have met plenty of people that didn’t need a Trust.
The Trust was overkill for their situation, not set up correctly, and in the end a waste of their money.

Legal services should be like a good pair of shoes.
They should fit well and last a long time, or at least until your situation changes and you need a different pair.
One size fits all solutions in legal services are like one size fits all clothing—they are made in bulk, out of the cheapest material, all to benefit the manufacturer.
Yes, it is cheap, but it wasn’t made with you in mind.
Having a custom-tailored solution takes time and getting to know you as a person.
Sure, at the end of the day, it may be more expensive, but it fits you and won’t wear out too quickly.

So if the first question you have is, what is it going to cost me, maybe it isn’t the right time to look for legal services.
If instead, your first question is, what can you craft me that will fit my situation, then it is a good time to look for legal services.
A skilled attorney will be able to listen to your situation carefully and provide you a with an estimate of how much it will take to craft a solution to your situation.
They should also be able to tell you how the solution best fits your situation.
If after the attorney has listened to you and proposed a solution that fits your needs the price point is too high, then you can talk with the attorney about a payment plan or an alternative billing structure.
But just like you wouldn’t disrespect a craftsman by lowballing his services, take care when talking with an attorney about lowering their fees.
After all, the attorney has to decide whether they want to pick you up as a client too.

There was a story I once heard about a factory that had an old boiler that broke down and ground operations to a halt.
They brought in technician after technician for 2 days straight, and none of them could fix it.
The best they could do was recommend a whole new system to the company, which would have cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Finally, after the last technician failed to diagnose the problem, he mentioned to them an old man who used to work on these kinds of boilers.
The company desperate for an economical solution and not to lose any more production time call the old man.
The old man came in his worn-out apron and wooden toolbox and took 20 minutes to talk to the operators and listen to the sounds the boiler was making.
He then stepped back from the boiler, took out a wooden hammer, and struck the boiler.
The boiler leapt back to life, to the relief of the operators, and the factory was back in business.
The old man placed his hammer back and began filling out a carbon copy invoice.
As he handed the invoice to the manager on duty, the manager scoffed at the $5,000.00 fee.
The manager said he wanted it itemized because surely no one’s time was worth $5,000 for 20 minutes.
The man took back the invoice and wrote:
$25 for 20-minute service call to inspect the boiler
$4,975.000 for knowing where to hit the boiler

When it comes to finding the right legal services for your situation make sure you find someone who knows how to listen and, based on what you are telling them, knows what solution is the best fit for your situation.

Trust me, it is worth it.

If you need an honest assessment of your situation, a solution that is tailored to meet your needs, and a transparent estimate on the fees to deliver that solution, contact our office.

Our team is ready to empower you to make an educated decision and provide innovative solutions to your situation.

Christopher M. White

Managing Partner

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