Your “YES” Also Means “NO”

Let’s talk about one of the hardest problems that Americans face today. What is it? Taking on a healthy approach to life.  Some people call it work/life balance. That is a farce and I’ll explain why. 

Let’s begin by talking about your “yes”.  When a person says “yes” to something they are automatically saying “no” to something else.  If you say “yes” to work you are also saying “no” to family, rest time, hobbies, etc.  If you say “yes” to family, you may be saying “no” to sports, community activities, and work.  You get the gist.  Your “yes” also means “no”. 

Many American’s feel like they need to do it all.  That they need to work hard, climb the ladder, make there business more profitable while also having family time, quality of life through hobbies and more.  The thing most Americans don’t realize is that they are limited human beings with only so much time in the day and only so much energy.  Sound bleak?  It shouldn’t.  It just means that we need to make choices. 

I recently saw a news report on the Today Show about a business called Double Good.  They are a gourmet popcorn company.  The business owner, Tim Heitmann, said that he had a heart for charity work but could not reconcile the demands of big business with his desire to give back to children.  He made a shift in his business plan and now owns a company that believes in what they are doing and has a healthy and happy culture. 

I mention this story because it is a good example of how a person of business said that he can’t do it all.  His “yes” was for the business, but it was also for kids.  He had to make a decision, because of what his heart was passionate about.  He had to say “yes” to something else but that also meant that he was saying “no” to big business.  And these are the choices that we need to make every day for our businesses, for our families, and for our communities.  

We need to decide what our “yeses” are for our mental and emotional health.  Just like our bodies need to be maintained, our minds and emotions need to be tended to as well.  When we say “yes” to 60-hour weeks of work we can bet that we are saying “no” to our families.  Which is fine, except, do you get enjoyment out of those 60-hour work weeks?  Do you come home feeling fulfilled?  Are you able to give quality time to those around you that you love?  If you say no to any of these, then why are you?  What is your end goal?  Is it temporary?  Are your family members in agreement with you on your yes? 

At White Law Office, we value our employees mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  We have said to our employees, “You get vacation time, use it! We only want you to work so many hours in a week. Go home and be with your families.”  We have said yes to our people and in turn, you can expect to get quality fresh creative work from our people. 

I look at Ken Hostetler and see that he has such a heart for his family.  He is at soccer games and other family events, but he also has such a heart for his community.  He pours into the people he serves to set them up for success in business, estates or real estate. 

We have Moriah Schmidt, who is young and brilliant and who have said “yes” to helping her communities in Loudonville and surrounding counties through estate planning, litigation, and real estate.  Moriah also has such a huge heart for missions’ work, and we have said “yes” to helping her succeed at her dreams. 

We also have Kate Kimble in Cadiz and Woodsfield who has said “yes” to helping her communities succeed.  She has such a heart for the people in her area who are facing big oil and gas companies and she can be a formattable opponent in your corner.  Her heart is for her family too.  She supports her husband’s business and I love hearing about her days growing up on a farm. 

And finally, Matthew Kearney.  He has said “yes” to helping people figure out how to move through tough family and divorce situations.  He brings strength and kindness to the situation.  Matthew has said “yes” to helping our area families find peace in hard situations.  Matthew has said “yes” to helping our communities. 

I am proud to say that Thomas and Christopher White champion wellness in our attorneys and in turn you will find quality service with a dose of kindness and fierceness in all that they do.

Jaime White

HR Manager

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