Does Your Business Have the Insurance It Needs?

Holmes County, Ohio, is home to many successful small businesses and is the area’s leading small business development area. You or a loved one may be part of a small business success story.

One word that may make small business owners cringe is “insurance.” Have you reviewed your small business insurance policy lately? Do you have an insurance policy for your small business? Are you protected from potential lawsuits that may negatively impact your business? You may be asking yourself, should I have a small business insurance policy to protect my small business and me individually? The answer to all of these questions is “Yes!”

The litigation team at White Law Office, Co. has helped many small businesses and small business owners in Commercial-Defense Litigation. In the past, we have helped small businesses and small business owners who find themselves involved in complex litigation. We have helped small business owners in wrongful death claims. Cases that we have been involved with in the past can range from small medical claims to wrongful death claims. No matter the situation you may face as a small business owner, you need to make sure you are adequately insured and that you are legally protected.

During our representation of small businesses in complex litigation, we often find that small businesses in Holmes County, as well as surrounding counties, are either underinsured or do not have any insurance at all. We here at White Law Office, Co. advise all of our small business clients to immediately and without delay, review your insurance policy. Typically, Ohio small businesses carry a general liability insurance policy, which may protect you from lawsuits and claims. However, depending upon your small business you may want to purchase additional liability coverage which may protect you against lawsuits and judgments.

If you do not have insurance coverage, we highly recommend that you purchase a policy for your small business immediately and that policy should include coverage for commercial defense litigation. Failure to adequately prepare with a good policy may lead to a loss of your business or paying out of pocket for claims made against you or your small business.

Continuing to adequately prepare and protect your small business will lead to less stress and headaches in the future. Keep in mind that any lawsuit filed against your small business may be devastating.

Often, we assist clients in complex commercial defense litigation and they are underinsured. The key point is to adequately protect yourself and your small business. First, talk with your insurance agent to ensure that you and your small business are adequately protected from complex litigation. Our team is also standing by to assist you in reviewing your general liability small business insurance policy in making sure your business is adequately insured and protected from simple to complex lawsuits.

Matthew A. Kearney

Attorney at Law

This article is not intended to provide legal advice. It is intended to provide broad and general information about the law. White Law Office, Co. is not an insurance agency, nor does White Law Office, Co. sell insurance policies. Before applying the law discussed herein, please consult with your Attorney or the Attorneys at White Law Office, Co.

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