Fear of Dealing with Attorneys

In terms of things that people want to do, going to see an attorney generally ranks low on the list. If we are lucky, you may choose to come to see us rather than go to a dentist for a root canal, but even that may be more pleasant for others.


One of the most common reasons that people generally prefer to avoid attorneys is the fear of the unknown. How many times have you walked into an unfamiliar store and felt that twinge of uncertainty? To make matters worse, you may be instantly approached by a salesperson who asks if they can help you.


At this point, you have a decision to make. Do I tell them what I need and then have them follow me around pointing out endless possibilities of what they can sell me, or do I tell them I don’t need anything and then wander aimlessly trying to find the thing I need?


Most of the time I choose the second option since it is far better to wander aimlessly than deal with someone trying to tell me that I should buy a pair of green corduroy pants when I was originally looking for a pair of jeans.


The point is, we all fear telling others about what we need because there are so many unanswered questions. Sometimes the questions are small. “Is the salesperson going to think I’m stupid for choosing the wrong jeans?” Sometimes the questions are bigger. “If I give my email to the salesperson am I going to receive five spam emails and three phone calls a day?”


In either case, we often feel that there are only two choices. The first choice is to tell the salesperson we don’t need anything rather deal with our fears. While this can be the easy choice, it also means that we often don’t get the help we need and we spend our time wandering aimlessly. The second choice is to talk to the people we know can help us. The problem with this option is that we must address our fears and risk feeling embarrassed or even stupid.


As a law office, a lot of our time is spent dealing with things that people may not have a lot of familiarity with. It is this lack of familiarity that leads to a fear of the unknown and leads people to avoid law offices altogether.


While some of these fears are small and easy to overcome, there are others that keep people from contacting our office. At this point, I would like to say that we have been able to address all of these fears, but that would not be completely accurate. Instead, we continue to seek answers and look at how we can improve our client experience.


We do this by listening to our clients and finding ways to alleviate their fears. By taking this approach, we can tell people that being afraid of the unknown is ok, but we are here to help and listen when you are ready.

Ken Hochstetler
Attorney At Law
EQUES Law Group

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