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While Einstein proved that it is relative, based upon our perspective and proximity to the speed of light, it continues to move forward. Never in reverse for us. The moments that were, are written down. The moments yet to be, are yet to be written. The moment that is, that is the moment that dominates our existence.

Every mistake we have made. Every victory we have obtained. Every lucky break we have enjoyed. Every unlucky circumstance we have endured. They happened in a moment that was present but is no longer available to us.

Every dream about what can be. Every horizon in the distance. Every hope for a break we might get. Every misstep we will take. They are all yet to happen in a moment that is not yet available to us.

What is available to us is the here and now. So, the only question of consequence becomes, what do we do with this moment?

Do we use it up with no thought of tomorrow?

Do we spend it mired in the missteps and abuses of the past?

Do we build upon the last moment or lay aside energy and resources for the next?

There is no person with definitive advice for what you should do with this moment, but there is a truth:  this moment will not come again.

So, what will you do with the time that is given to you?

Here are some thoughts:

  1. Play the long game. Unless you have a compelling reason not to look forward to the future with optimism, there are limitless opportunities to be taken advantage of by spending your moments building toward the future.
  2. Do something that is satisfying. Don’t follow your heart. Your heart is fickle. Do something you find satisfying. Satisfaction can have bad days. Satisfaction can be challenging. Satisfaction can all be exhausting. But there is nothing more satisfying than spending your moments toward something that brings satisfaction.
  3. Do something bigger than yourself. Spend your moments building something that will outlast your last moment.
  4. Do something good. Goodness is an infinite resource. You could spend every moment you are given doing something good and you would not displace an ounce of the goodness available to us all. Spending your moments building something good will help you accomplish something satisfying and bigger than you.
  5. Don’t neglect yourself. Knowing that there is value in spending moments in rest. We can never be our best without moments of rest. Find your rhythm of rest and activity and live in it.
  6. Don’t neglect others. We are relational at our core. Spending our moments investing into those around us, and allowing them to invest in us, enriches our lives and increases our perspective on how we should be spending our time.
  7. Do one thing. In Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book “The One Thing”, they discuss the power of finding and doing the one thing that will have the greatest impact in that moment. Laying a strong foundation now will lead to a strong house later. Resting now will give you energy later. Working out now will give you strength for when you need it. What is the one thing you can do now, that will have the greatest impact on yourself, your business, and your family?

Time may not stop. The moments may not all have been spent well, and will likely not all be spent well. But those moments are no longer, or not yet, accessible to us. What we have is right now.

So, what will you do with this moment?

Christopher M. White

Managing Partner

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