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Do You Need A Family Lawyer?

Most of our families have family doctors, dentists, chiropractors and other professionals. But why should a family have a lawyer? Most of us want to avoid lawyers and only hire one if absolutely needed.

Consider a few reasons your family would benefit from having a family lawyer:

1. A family lawyer who is familiar with your family’s situation saves time and money when you do need their services. They can see what has been going on with your business or property based on what has happened in the past and respond to your needs more quickly with greater accuracy.

2. Because your family lawyer sees the big picture of trends in your business and community, he or she can give you regular advice that helps save in the long run. Benjamin Franklin wrote: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

3. You know who to call and trust in an emergency. Part of life in our world is unforeseen occurrences. Having a relationship with a lawyer you trust saves you from thrashing about with trying to pick one if there is an emergency like OSHA cites your business for violations, there is a death in the family that will affect property ownership, the Sheriff arrests one of your children, or someone doesn’t pay an invoice for your business and you really need that money. During an emergency, you want to turn to a lawyer you already know and trust.

At White Law Office (now EQUES Law Group), we stress every day that we want to be lawyers who are worthy of your trust because of our integrity. We would appreciate the opportunity to become your family lawyer!

Thomas D. White, Esq.
Senior Partner
EQUES Law Group

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